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Tomorrow is fathers day if you have the chance call or go see him life is short and precious, if not, remember the good times as I will be doing. As I look back on the past several weeks a lot has happened that has triggered a lot of emotion, loss, grief, sadness, anger, survivors guilt and some things that were just out of my control, but I carry on knowing I did my best and that was all I could do. Both the thin red line and thin blue line have been affected over the last several weeks along with other first responders and our military brothers and sisters. I have also been dealing with my own personal struggles which I am learning new ways to cope with, each and everything that we do have consequences, we did not ask for what has happened to us, mental illness, and PTSD are horrific things to have to live with, it affects everyone around us, our families, friends, co-workers and even people that we do not even know. Each of us take on the jobs that no other person would ever dream of doing, why, because that is what we do, it's not just any old job it's a passion that most people will never understand. The stakes for us could not be higher, we struggle each and everyday to make it from minute to minute, day to day, month to month and year to year. Our scars are those that cannot be seen but with the support of all of our brothers and sisters and organizations like Code9Project there is help, please reach out, there is no shame in asking for help. No matter what you are dealing with remember THAT YOU DID YOUR BEST AND THAT WAS ALL YOU COULD DO. You are not alone in this fight we are all in this together.

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