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How does PTSD affect you and your family, for those of us that struggle or have been diagnosed with PTSD the effects on you and your family can destroy both. PTSD is real and nobody asked for what has happened to us, for our families they can suffer just as much as we do, they can go into depression have anxiety and be hyper-vigilant because they do not know how we may react to things such as loud noises, being startled, the stress of ever day life and the job that we do as first responders. Family members are so close to us and want to help us so much but sometimes they just don't know what to do. We have to take time to decompress and then talk to our spouses and family about what is going on, this is so very important, spend time with them do things with them that may put you out of your comfort zone. Therapy can and does help but families members can and are our biggest advocates, over the last couple of weeks or more it has really put a strain on our relationship and the biggest thing that I forgot is my spouse and family, remember we need them as much as they need us please do not forget that.

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