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Peer Support Group

A couple of weeks ago on a weekend I experienced some triggers had nightmares and flashbacks, I contacted the North Carolina Firefighter Peer Support that a very good friend of mine recommended, upon calling I spoke with Dena Ali the co-founder of the group and told her what was going on, she said that she would have someone call me within 20 minutes within 10 minutes I received a call from a member of the group and within 30 one of my best friends showed up on my door step and we talked for a while, during our conversation the co-founder called me back to make sure that someone had made contact with me and I told her I had a phone call and one of my best friends was at my house with me. Later that evening another member called to check on me also. I just want to express my sincere thank you to the North Carolina Firefighter Peer Support for their quick response and the call backs that I received to make sure that I was okay.

Remember you are not alone in this fight, if you are struggling with mental health issues and PTSD please contact this group.

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