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Sometimes it's okay not to be okay.

Some days and weeks are better than others, since my last post there have been some intense weeks, this week my therapy session was one of the most intense and emotional sessions that I have had so far. One thing that I learned the hard way is that you have to talk about what you are feeling and going through, your family needs to know so that they may help you in any way that they can, it may be as simple as giving you space to think, reflect, cry, remember, and grieve, or, we may need them to talk about what we have been through or experienced and provide some feedback or maybe we just need them to listen, whatever the case, it is important to let your family know how you feel as hard as it may be, and trust me it will not be easy.

Mental Illness is real just like any other disease however, with mental illness come a social stigma as with other diseases which is a sign of disgrace, discredit, devalued, and fearful because of the negative attitude that society may hold against us. No matter what we are dealing with, PTSD, depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, complex PTSD, OCD, personality disorder, and many many more. As we begin the healing process it does not mean the damage never existed, it means the damage will no longer control our lives. Do not be impatient what has taken time to develop, days, months, or even years will not be solved with just a few visits with your therapist. Do not be ashamed of your situation its not something that you asked for it is the cards that you have been dealt, so with that being said I made the decision not be ashamed of my Illness but put it out there for all to see and hopefully shed some light on the stigma of mental illness.

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