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Inspirational Speaker and his Service Dog

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Passionate About Inspiring Others

It is my ambition to inspire and empower those who suffer from

PTSD, depression, anxiety, and critical stress events.


about me

I have been in emergency services for over 30 years, during that time I have experienced so many tragic events and I have held it in all of these years and not even talked about them with my family or even my closest friends. Over the last two years I learned that I was allergic to seafood, nuts and nut products, I have been hospitalized and intubated, the trauma and stress of these events have triggered the traumatic events that I have been involved in over the last 30 years. It came to the point that I realized I could not deal with this alone, I knew I needed help to overcome my struggles so I took the first step and made one of the hardest decision I have ever had to make, first was admitting that I needed help and second was actually seeking out someone to help me.

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